Monday, 09 April 2018 10:44

Where are the Grizzlies?

Written by Michael Short
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Northwest Alberta is rugged country. Industries like forestry, agriculture, oil & gas and others became the impetus for the development of towns and communities spread out across this diverse landscape.

This southern edge of the Boreal Forest is also home to the grizzly bear. The popular belief is that grizzlies only live in the high country of the Rockies or along the eastern slopes.You will get a different answer if you ask someone who has grown up in this area.

So the issue facing the folks who live, work and play in this region is to determine where the grizzlies live and how many bears there are.The answers to those two questions will have an impact on just about everyone who spends time on this land base. Therefore it was imperative a community approach would be adopted.


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